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the history of symphonies #7

compose an original instrumental track for an existing vocal track

use an acapella track of your choice and write a backing instrumental track for it.
you can use whatever methods you want to write the track.

monday october 29 2001

originally this project was going to be to enter the public enemy
remix competition that they had at slamjamz.com. they were releasing
a vocal track every week for you to write an instrumental track for,
and they're putting one of them on some upcoming album.
but...of course things got delayed here, and it turns out that contest is over,
but i still wanted to do the project. so i'm going to grab every PE
acapella i can find and put them on the site, but fell free to use
your own vocal tracks. email me when you've got it done
and we'll sort out how to put it online.

poverty by impercept (vocals by chumbawumba)
1-800-suicide by xanopticon (vocals by the gravediggaz)
want yo back by girltalk (vocals by lil romeo)

the history of symphonies #6

compose and produce an original 'symphony' piece

the idea behind this one is to write a track with
a symphony in mind. it doesn't have to be composed for
strings/winds/brass, but keep in mind different
instruments. the main thing is to compose the track
out of 3-4 contrasting sections or movements.
check out this site for some definitions/ideas
go as far as you want with those ideas.
you can use any gear or methods to write the track,
no limits in that area.

friday july 13th 2001

this one seems a bit harder than some of the other
ones, so i'm guessing i'm going to extend this project.
but for now i'm limiting it to a week. drop a line when
you have a completed track and we'll sort out
converting/uploading it. i'm going to see if i can sort out the
upload through the site

symphwrak - xanopticon

the history of symphonies #5

remix the Jay-Z track "Big Pimpin" in an original style

you can use any software or gear for this track. no limits on length or style.
basically, you can remix the track however you want.

monday december 11 2000

i know you've been waiting for this one. have fun.
if you need it for sampling or just to get the structure. hip hop
remixes aren't banned, but they're discouraged. when you're
done you can try to use that upload function i've got on the page.
if you try it, drop me an email. also if anybody wants to come up
with project #6 drop me a line.

Original Mix

big pimpin (half assed remix) - cutups
jayz big pimpin souless remix - aeiou
the fine art of pimping - ryan friedlich

the history of symphonies #4

produce an original track based on another piece of narrative of your choice (movie, book, tv show)

this track is pretty open in terms of content and methods. use any gear/software you want to
contruct the track. the concept is the key part. base the track on some narrative, either a movie,
a book, a tv show (or other). what you do with it is also open - you can do a soundtrack,
or you can base the track around samples from it. think of it like a track from a concept album
(for example: handsome boy modeling school), or how the different parts of the star-wars score
make you think of different scenes of the film.

monday november 13th (a little longer than 2 weeks just for good measure)

looks like we've got a few more participants, which is cool because the amount of tracks submitted
has gone down. a couple other people have inquired about getting on. let me know what you think.
in the meanwhile, get me your tracks however you can - email me and we'll sort out a way,
or just email me the track. i've got a ton of potential projects lined up, including #5,
but i figure somebody else has some good ideas, so if anybody wants to come up with #6,
drop me a line.

i am d.b. cooper - aeiou
thawing out - cutups (from john carpenter's "the thing")
i don't roll on shabbas - impedance (from "the big labowski")
fuzzy logic - pixel stalin (from "2001: a space oddessy")
never happened - holocaust

Upload your track here:

the history of symphonies #3

produce an original track out of a limited set of samples

this one is to see what you can come up with using just 8 samples
compose a track using any 8 samples from the hots sample directory
however, you cannot use your own samples. no limit on style, and you can
use any applications you want. sample editing and filtering is cool too.
you just can't use any outside synthesis

monday october 23 2000

this one is to see what you can come up with using just 8 samples
compose a track using any 8 samples from the hots sample directory
however, you cannot use your own samples. no limit on style, and you can
use any applications you want. sample editing and filtering is cool too.
you just can't use any outside synthesis

drum samples
other samples

the frogman and the depth charge - aeiou
open source - pixelstalin
cycclerr - ryan friedrich
composite melodic - cutups
recycled eating 3101 - absolut

the history of symphonies #2

construct a house remix of one of the other hots' #1 tracks

use any gear/software that you want to construct the track.
you can use other sounds in the track, but you should have sounds
from the original track play a key role in the remix. how to make it a
house track? that's up to you, yeah it might be hard considering the material,
that's the challenge. all i'd really ask is keep it 4/4 and a 110-140 tempo.

monday october 2 2000 extended to oct 9 2000

you'll be assigned a track to remix at random, once i have 4 tracks.
i'll send out specific assignments. i'd like to make sure everybody's
track gets at least one remix, although some will probably get more than one.
alternately, if you really have one you want to remix, let me know.

part B
there is a special part B to this project, in preperation for #3.
#3 will be an all-sample based project, so i want each person to
submit to me 8 samples, 4 drum samples and 4 other samples, which
could be anything. i can handle pretty much any format, although 44khz,
16bit stereo wav format would be the best.

monkey fleas - cutups (remixed tom)
ghost arms vs. the wooden lotus - aeiou (remixed kerry)
VGA Memory Buffers - pixel stalin (remixed cutups)

the history of symphonies #1

compose/produce a noise track.

use whatever gear/software/samples you want, there's no limits on this one.
i'd even like to add that there's no rules about the track having to sound like *noise*
per se, although the more far out the better. just make it abstract and without
any consistant beat (eg. something "ambient" would count but not a house track)

next monday sept 11 2000, extended to monday sept 18 2000

i think a due date is a good thing, submit whatever you have by
letting me know what you have. i'll try to set up ftp space to upload tracks,
or if you can put it on zipdisk/cd/floppy give it to me and i'll make it public
its all flexible, if nobody can finish stuff in a week, then we'll make it longer,
or you can sit out and pick up another project. but try to do this one,
i'm trying to have some things build on each other.

fawr - absolut
fight back - kerry
the lion tamer - aeiou
are we black - tom
23mb harddrive - pixel stalin (akil)
are you ready for some noise - ike jones feat. deek
dark evolution - cutups